“Your Filter–Our Capsule”

Flo-Thru Capsule

The Flo-Thru Capsule™ is a unique, disposable polypropylene filter capsule that seals and encapsulates 2-inch to 40-inch length industry standard filter cartridges. The Flo-Thru Capsule allows liquid to flow from one end of the capsule to the opposite end and is offered in two connection types with vent and drain options.

Flo-Thru Capsule

  • Capsules fit 2-inch to 40-inch length industry-standard filter cartridges
  • 100% FDA approved polypropylene components
  • Proprietary thermal bonding process with no extractables
  • Maximum operating pressure 60 psi @ 125º F
  • Optional 1/4-inch vent/drain with caps
  • Available in both Flaretek and NPT connections
  • Seals and encapsulates either single open end (222) or double open end (knife edge) industry-standard filter cartridges
  • Customized with your label and part number


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